Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Endo Education & Project Patchwork

I previously wrote a post on Endo education an Instagram account run by Wendy England.

It’s an account created to support and educate women with Endometriosis to raise awareness and let women share their own stories.It’s a safe place for women to help each other and give advice to one another.
I love this account it genuinely makes me feel better about myself, I often have days were I feel lazy and pretty rubbish about myself.
Reading motivational posts and other women’s posts make you feel like you’re not alone. I love reading other women’s tips on how they deal with certain things. All the women are so supportive and friendly. I finally feel like someone understands what I’m going through, they can genuinely sympathise.

Project patchwork is a new site Wendy has created it is for women with various hidden conditions. Again, it was created as a safe space for women dealing with chronic illness. If you are suffering from a hidden condition and just need someone to relate to then you really should give them a follow.
Wendy is currently using kickstart to raise money so that she can make project patchwork her full time focus and cover running costs of the site.

I feel this is another brilliant platform to help women feel like their not alone and to gain information they might not know about.

Also if you would like to give the incredible lady herself a follow she posts a lot on her personal account too.

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  1. I'm very lucky that I don't suffer from endometriosis (and never have done) but I have friends that do. I haven't heard of Project Patchwork, so I will head over and have a look. Wendy sounds like an incredibly supportive lady. Thank you so much for sharing her details, and for this post, xx

    Lisa | www.lisasnotebook.com